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Driftwood and it’s supporters have a lot going on each year and we want to keep in touch with every rider out there. We are building Northwest Indiana Skateboarding and want you to be a part of it. This mail list is how we keep up to date with you. I’ll send you dates for the Illiana Skateboarding Circuit, request your input to help build skateparks in our surrounding communities, inform you of great things we have to offer riders and who knows what else the future holds we may call on you for.

There is a lot we do, but if i had to say we do just one thing, it is we are skaters helping skaters and we are happy to call you family.
With that said, your info is not for sale and you can unsubscribe at any time.

My best regards,
-Jeff Zielinski

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Why am i asking for so much data?

Not only do we host events but we are helping to build skateparks in NWI. Because we want to build parks, we need to know where the skaters live, experience levels, etc. Also, when we reach out to let you know about town council meetings, we need to show the town exactly who we are representing and what age groups everyone falls into. Many towns are very accepting of skatepark initiatives once we can show that how many people we are really providing for with a skatepark from their town. The numbers usually surprise them. We have those numbers because you have submitted your data. 

Basically, you fill out this form and the data is stored in our mailing list. I use your e-mail to send out notices and use the rest to provide needs analysis to the towns we are working with. The data stays with us and is not part of a larger information gathering process. This info really helps a lot. Just take a peek at the needs analysis we did for portage to see exactly how this can work.

Disappointment Below

You have scrolled quite a long way…. anything beyond this point is just disappointment. You see, i cannot hide the content below, but also i am not ready to part ways with it. I will be moving it to a new location on the website. Until then here it lies, in all of it’s partial glory. Why dont i just copy this and move it someplace out of the way you ask? So i ask you, are you not being a tad judgmental? Not to brag, but everything up until this point has been pretty darn rad if you ask me. Let the content below simmer like a spicy curry for a while. What do you say? I assure you the final results will make you wonder why you visited any other website in your life, because you will now know the DriftwoodSkate website is indeed the best and only website you will ever need in your life again.

“Savor the journey and your destination will be that much sweeter. “

– A Famous Philosopher Chef

Help us Build a Valparaiso Indiana Skatepark!

A dedicated skatepark comittee has made some big moves and this is possible, but we need support and we need some surveys! Help us by completing this survey! Then sign the petition after you complete the survey. Thats it and this will help so much! Make sure you spread the word to everyone you know!

Help us make an amazing skatepark!
Update!:  Survey is now Closed and Meetings are in the works!

Get Updates on the Newest Skateparks coming to NWI

The team has been hard at work advocating for local skateparks and with the support of each town we work with, we are building some amazing places to skate!

Skatepark Data

This Data Drive is to help spur support for construction of a new skatepark

RIP Woodland Skatepark, our goal is to rebuild another great park in portage indiana