ISC 2020

The Illiana Skateboarding Circuit is a 5 stop circuit. Each stop you accumulate points. Points add up for the grand prizes

The competitor with the most points at the end of the circuit is awarded the circuit grand prize

Veteran Grand Prize worth $700:   1 Year Season Pass to the Asylum Skate Park

Rookie Circuit Grand Prize:TBA

Earn your spot in the rankings and win the right to skate all year round for FREE at the Asylum.!


Veteran Class Grandprize worth $700

1 Season Pass to the Asylum Skatepark! Sponsored by the Asylum!

Rookie Class Grandprize


Circuit Schedule

Stop#1 – August 8th Schererville, IN

Stop#2 – August 29th Highland, IN

Stop#3 – September 15th Hammond (Hessville), IN

Stop#4 – September 19th Asylum Skatepark Lake Bluff, IL

What you need to know

  • Every stop matters! Make them all
  • Each stop points accumulate
  • There are 5 stops
  • You will have two runs
    • Fist run is a 5 minute Jam Rookie, 3 minutes Veteran
    • Second run is an individual run
  • Stay Hydrated, cramps are killers
  • $5.00 Entry on all outdoor events
  • $15.00 Entry at the Asylum
  • Follow IlianaSkateboardingCircuit on Instagram for all details
  • There are only two categories this year
    • Veteran
    • Rookie