Driftwood and it's Supporters are Aiding Towns, Helping to Build Better Skateparks!

Highland Indiana’s First Skate Park!

Check this one off the list! This park is complete! A big thank you to all of our supporters, skaters, skate shops, government officials and citizens who stepped up to make this possible!

Hammond Indiana’s Hessville Skatepark newly renovated, featuring the legendary Krush Bowl replica, now found at the Asylum Skatepark in Lake Bluff Illinois!

Check this one off the list. Job Done! Go Skate it!

The Skaters of Portage have reached out to Driftwood to aid a skatepark initiative after the recent loss of Woodland Park. RIP Woodland

Designs are being initiated at the grassroots level after a successful survey drive. The results and concepts have been presented to the town for consideration mid May 2018. Much public support was received, but we need city official support. Raise your voice, and talk to your town council member. This initiative needs your support!

Wish Us Luck!

You can download the portage survey information here. Outlining the needs and preferences of the skate community

Portage Needs Analysis 1

Portage Skatepark Construction Data Results 1