A Little Bit About Driftwood

Founded May 2015, the Driftwood Collective was an idea proposed to alter the direction of skateboarding in the mid-west.

Skateboarding as a sport is an individual undertaking. Success and failure are solely owned by the individual and often times an internal struggle with your own thoughts and mind. With no one behind you, it can be easy to give up. This is why I believe skateboarders are the most motivated, self starting individuals in the world. Without support and affirmation a skateboarder pushes forward with one direction in mind. Determined and hearty, we move forward.

Like many sports, we are family and though we overcome obstacles separately we are always together. Much like driftwood. A separate entity traveling it’s own path. But driftwood, in a collective can alter the course of river. Damming the waters to create a new road to a new future.

The Midwest lacks defined roots in skateboarding. A global industry that our geographic location has yet to sustain and allowed to prosper. With many of us struggling with our parks falling apart and being destroyed, it is no wonder skaters are leaving our region to plant roots elsewhere. Professional baseball players are not produced on little league fields and professional skateboarders are not produced in areas where skateboarding is not welcome or fostered.

Our skateparks are failing, we need a collective. Join us to help rebuild what is failing and ultimately build something new for our family of skaters. We are a collective and we are driftwood.

Moving Forward

I need to say thank you to our supporters, competitors and families who joined us last season. You all came through to support the Driftwood Collective. 2017, 2018 and 2019 have brought unforeseen opportunities for the skateboarding community.

Kicking off this year, we have helped one new skatepark begin construction, another park confirmed for build this year and another one in the pipeline; keep your fingers crossed.

No one has done this like we have, and there is no instruction book on success. But with everyone of you who make a presence at a Driftwood Competition, be aware… your foot steps help us move forward.

Thank you everyone, without you Driftwood is only an idea.

New Skatepark Projects:

-Highland, IN Skatepark – Completed!

-Hessville, IN Skatepark – Completed!

-Crown Point, IN Skatepark – Construction Starts Next 2021

-Valparaiso, IN Skatepark – Preliminary Conversations in the works!

-Portage, IN Skatepark – Unsucessful but not forgotten!

-Griffith, IN Skatepark – Unsucessful but not forgotten!

Now hit the parks!

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